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Fly-out Locations

The areas we fish range from deep boulder-filled rivers with heavy currents and big bends to small classic-style western rivers which hold many different species of Salmon and Trout. The smaller streams are made up of riffles and pools with big cut bank bends and gravel bars that contain deep clear pockets perfect for holding trophy fish. On many of these small streams, you will be sight-and-stalk fishing for a variety of species. There is nothing like spotting a large Rainbow or Char, feeding among schools of spawning Salmon, laying that perfect cast to him, and watching the take!

Some of our fly-out destinations will have boats and equipment waiting for us, in order to transport you to the very best fishing on that stream. We also have great fishing streams that are walk-in locations. Many of these walk-in locations are fairly easy to access, but we also have areas that are virtually unexplored for those who wish to make a little extra effort in order to experience Alaska's best.