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Premier Alaskan Fishing & Lodging Package

Fly-out Locations:
Fly-out fishing days are included in most of the Premier Alaskan Fishing and Hunting Packages. (see Rates for more details) You can always customize your package by adding extra fly-out days.

King Salmon is situated at the heart of Alaska's finest fly-out fishing area. King Salmon Guides will always direct your fly-out to the streams and rivers that will produce the absolute best fishing opportunities for the species of fish you would like to catch. At many of our fly-out destinations, you will have the opportunity to catch a variety of different species in the same day. We have over 45 fly-out destinations to offer you throughout the summer fishing season. At any given time, depending on the time of year you visit and the species of fish you are most interested in catching,we usually have at least 10 "hot spots" for you to choose from.Some of our fly-out destinations will have boats and equipment waiting for us, in order to transport you to the very best fishing on that stream. We also have some great fishing streams that are walk-in locations. Many of these walk-in locations are fairly easy to access, but we also have areas that are virtually unexplored for those who wish to make a little extra effort in order to experience Alaska's best.

A typical Fly-out - A Day to Remember.
A typical fly-out with King Salmon Guides begins at 7:30 a.m. following a hearty breakfast. Your guide will conduct a quick preflight equipment check and then the group, usually comprised of four guests and a guide, will be ready to go. Upon boarding our De Haviland Beaver float plane, you'll take off for one of the many unspoiled streams and rivers there are to choose from. While flying over Bristol Bay, you will be amazed at the breathtaking views of Southwest Alaska. This sets the stage for the many diverse natural wonders you will encounter while on your fly-out with King Salmon Guides. 15 minutes east of King Salmon, you'll find yourself amidst a landscape of inactive volcanoes, glaciers, lakes and Salmon-filled streams.

On many of the streams and rivers we fish, you'll have a chance to view Brown Bear, Moose, Caribou, Fox, Eagles, and many types of sea birds and water fowl. Our remote fly-out rivers offer the unique opportunity to fish with the Brown Bears in a totally safe environment. You will go home with photographs and videos of the Brown Bears, which will make your memories last a lifetime. On a typical fly-out day, you will spend an average of 8 to10 hours fishing. The rewards of fishing the pristine waters of Alaska go beyond merely catching a trophy Salmon or Trout; You will be living an angler's dream come true.

Upon your return to King Salmon, you will be met at the dock where we'll enjoy a hot (or cold) beverage and review the next day's schedule. You will then return to the Kingko Inn for a delicious meal and a hot shower. After dinner, relax with a drink and enjoy the entertainment at the Kingko Bar. We're sure you'll have plenty of stories to tell your fishing buddies.