Cast & Blast Combinations

A World Class Adventure for Anglers and Bird Hunters
This experience is provided for the avid bird hunter with a desire to fish as well. If you enjoy bird hunting and fishing, this is the experience for you. King Salmon Guides provides Ptarmigan hunting when the season opens on August 10th. Hunting for Ptarmigan, Alaska's state bird, can be described as a cross between Pheasant and Quail hunting.

From King Salmon, you will fly south in our De Haviland Beaver float plane, and be dropped off with your guide and Brandy, a German Short Hair Pointer. Brandy is professionally trained and comes from a world class blood line. Hunting for Ptarmigan is a blast. While hiking across the tundra, Brandy will scout the surrounding landscape. Upon smelling or spotting a Ptarmigan, Brandy will stop and point, allowing your guide to flush the birds. The Ptarmigan hold a bag limit of 20 per person per day. Ptarmigan contain mouth-watering meat that makes for a great meal. After you've had your fill of Ptarmigan hunting, the fishing begins.

We then boat up a river system, with one of our outboard boats, to one of many great locations containing Silver Salmon, Pink Salmon, and Char. Many anglers believe the Silver Salmon to be the best species to catch due to its aggressive and acrobatic nature. The Silver Salmon has a limit of 5 per person per day. After an adventurous day of hunting Ptarmigan and reeling in Silver Salmon, you will be flown back to King Salmon. Rates & Info