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As August begins, King fishing comes to a close and we turn our attention to the Silver (Coho) Salmon, which are found in abundance in both large and small rivers. Known as the most acrobatic of the five species of Salmon, these aggressive fish will put fishermen of any caliber to the test. They are masters at breaking lines, spooling reels, and spitting hooks. It is not hard to figure out why these fish soon become the favorite catch of Alaskan anglers. While fishing the large rivers, we target Silvers by drifting and casting along river banks and among slack water pools. However, Silver Salmon can also be found on the inside bends of heavy flowing, shallow rapids, where they can escape the faster water, giving them an opportunity to stage and rest.

In August, the Salmon spawn begins. The spawning cycle, which runs through September, creates fantastic conditions for Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char and Grayling. Bristol Bay is recognized as Alaska's finest Trout and Char fishing area. With literally millions of Salmon laying eggs in the Bristol Bay system, our Trout grow to immense proportions. The average size for Rainbows in August is in the 20" range, with many from 22" to 28" being caught daily, and trophies in the 30" class . Fishing the small streams will allow you to sight-cast to big bows eagerly looking for stray eggs that have drifted out of their nests.

Along with Rainbow Trout fishing, we have fabulous Arctic Char and Grayling fishing. Many streams have 2 to 3 pound average Char, with fish in the 6 pound class being caught regularly, and the occasional 8 pound lunker. Many of the streams you fish boast Grayling in the 20" class. This is world class fishing by anyone's standards. As you approach these Salmon filled streams, you will know you are about to experience something few ever will.

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