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The weather can range from mild, sixties and sunny, to cold, rainy and windy. However, there is no better time for Rainbow fishing in the Bristol Bay area. As the spawning cycle for Kings and Sockeye nears its end, trophy Trout will be abundant in many of the local streams. This is the best time of year for catching the trophy Rainbow you have always dreamed of. As these fish prepare for the semi-dormant winter that lies ahead, they are voraciously feeding to store up all the nutrients they can. They are eager to take a variety of flies and lures representing the different types of food they consume.

As the days grow shorter in September, and the fishing season nears its end, the trophy Rainbow fishing only gets better. Along with quality Rainbow fishing, you can catch Arctic Char and Grayling, and many of our fly-out rivers are still teeming with fresh Silver Salmon.

This time of year offers some of the best opportunities to see the Peninsula Caribou herd as we fly you to different fishing destinations. During September, the local Caribou herd up for the pre-rut season, and begin their short migration to their winter feeding area. We call this our "Discovery Channel Experience"! After a trip during September, you are sure to leave Alaska with memories of big fish and breathtaking scenery.

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