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In the month of July, King Salmon fishing is moving along in full force with big Kings still pouring into all of the Bristol Bay rivers. The Salmon have just recently entered the fresh water systems, assuring that the Salmon you catch will be chrome bright, fresh and full of energy for a great fight.

By July, the Sockeye Salmon are also entering the watershed by the hundreds of thousands per day. There is no larger Salmon run in the world. You will be amazed, when we fly you over these salmon filled streams. Even in these great numbers, it takes a special knack to catch these fish. Certain conditions and just the right fly produce fast takes. Pound for pound, we consider the Sockeye to be the hardest fighting fish found anywhere. By the time your shore lunch is prepared, our guides will have you hooking fish almost every cast. Chum Salmon are another one of our favorites. By mid July, huge schools of Chum Salmon enter our rivers, with some rivers having runs into the millions. These 12 to 20 pound fish are sure to please any angler.

Along with the many different types of Salmon that are available, we also target fresh-water species, such as Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, and Grayling.

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