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Alaskan Game Hunting

Unguided Caribou Hunting
King Salmon guides offers trophy hunting expeditions in units 9C and 9E on the Alaskan Peninsula. This region is recognized for its abundance of record class Caribou and holds 80% of all world records. With 18 years of local herd growth, our unguided hunters' success rate stands at 80%, with many Caribou in the 300 inch class or more. The flourishing Mulchatna herd, combined with the Northern Alaskan Peninsula herd, provide you with access to over 165,000 Caribou.

Trophy Caribou hunting can be one of the most exciting and challenging experiences of your life. These animals are found in abundance in many areas, from the foothills of the Southern Peninsula Aleutian Mountains, to the Mulchatna River drainage to thenorth. The terrain in these areas ranges from lowland marshes, to flat rolling tundra with ridges and valleys.

On the flight to your hunting destination, you will fly over thousands of Caribou, grazing as they rapidly migrate from one area to another. You will be dropped off approximately one day ahead of the moving herds, where you will camp and plan your strategy for the next day's hunt. The following morning, you will be strategically positioned to the best advantage.

Caribou season opens on August 10th and runs until October 31st. Non-residents are allowed one bull Caribou. Game regulations change from year to year, so please refer to the Alaska Hunting Regulations for current rules and regulations, or feel free to contact us.