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Alaskan Game Hunting

Alaska State Hunting Regulations:
The following outlines some of the more important regulations, which are strictly enforced by King Salmon Guides.

No matter what condition your meat is in, urinated on by Fox or Bear, or maggot-infested, you must pack it out of the field. If not, you will be fined by Fish and Game.

Wanton waste of edible meat is an extremely serious offense, punishable by a fine of up to $5,000 and 1 year in jail. This is a very serious issue and will be strictly enforced by KSG. KSG will keep track of all meat as it comes out of the field and is required to report any wanton waste to Fish and game. You must follow the law; Our license is at stake!

If you pack it in, pack it out. All trash must be removed from the field and properly disposed of. If you do not return to the King Salmon Guides' dock with all your garbage, you will be flown back out to the field to pick up your garbage at the rate of $375.00 per hour of flight time. Where fires can be made, trash can be burned. This can be helpful in keeping a clean camp and discouraging intruders.

Bow Hunters:
All Broad Heads must have a 7/8" wide blade and all arrows must be a minimum weight of 437 grains. Crossbow hunting is not permitted in Bow-only areas. It is permitted only where Gun Hunting is allowed. Bow Hunters must adhere to Alaska State Hunting regulations.

Alaska State Hunting Regulations
To receive a copy of the Alaska State Hunting Regulations call the Alaska Department of Fish and Game at (907) 267-2347. You should read and familiarize yourself with the current year's regulations. While hunting, each person must be in possession of an Alaska Hunting License, appropriate Harvest Tickets, Permits and Metal Locking Tags. All of these items can be purchased upon arrival from King Salmon Guides. The probability of being checked by Fish and Game while in the field is very high, so know your regulations.

License and Tag Fees
Alaska State Hunting License
Alaska State Duck Stamp
Federal Duck Stamp
Combo 14 Day Hunt and Fish License
14 Day Alaska State Fishing License
Caribou Tag
Moose Tag
Harvest Ticket
No Charge