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Alaskan Game Hunting

Meat Processing and Antler Preparation
When you get in from the field, you should leave enough time to clean up and take care of your meat. KSG has freezer storage and packing facilities. All points on your antlers and sharp edges must be covered for shipping on the airlines. Your antlers can be prepared for shipping, without splitting the horns, for a fee of $15.00 per rack. If you wish to mount your animal, special arrangements can be made.

Handling and Freezer storage
You will typically need 3 or 4 boxes for de-boned Caribou and 1 box for the hide. You will need 5 to 7 boxes for a de-boned Moose and 2 boxes for the hide. Be prepared to pay for handling and meat storage.

  • Freezing is $5.00 per box per day and the box is $12.00.
  • If you do not de-bone your meat in the field and the game quarters are brought in to the freezer facility, your meat can be de-boned and boxed by King Salmon Guides.
  • You will be charged $75.00 for de-boning Caribou (4 Quarters or less)
  • You will be charged $150.00 for de-boning Moose (4 Quarters or less)
  • All meat must be taken home with you. It is your responsibility to remove it from our freezer. If you leave any meat behind, you will be charged $50.00 per box for removal, unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • You will be charged for meat storage and boxes whether you take your meat with you or not.

Care of Game in the Field

The best care must be taken to preserve all of your meat in the field. You must prepare and preserve the edible meat of big game and wild fowl to keep it from being wasted. Edible meat does not include the head or meat that has been damaged and made inedible by the method of taking. Great care must be taken to recover all edible meat. This is strictly enforced by KSG.

Meat should be put in game bags, heavily peppered, hung, and kept as dry and cold as possible. Meat must be vented. Alder Brush can be used to construct a rack to keep meat dry and to keep flies from laying eggs. Small smoldering fires can be used to cover the scent of your game.