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Alaskan Game Hunting

Unguided Moose Hunting
Moose are the most sought after big game in Alaska. Alaska has an estimated population of 175,000 moose. The Alaska Yukon moose is the largest of all the moose, with mature bulls weighing from 1,200 to 1,600 pounds, with an average antler spread of 60", but ranging up to 70". Trophy class bulls are found throughout Alaska. Moose are most commonly found in wetland areas feeding on aquatic plant life, avoiding areas of open tundra.

Be prepared to transport about 400 to 700 pounds of meat, and up to 65 pounds of antlers, from the kill-site. It's a lot of work, but well worth the effort; Moose meat makes for the best steaks in Alaska!

King Salmon Guides offers unguided Moose hunting in Game Unit 9C from September 1st through the 15th for non-residents, and in Game Unit 9E from September 10th through the 20th for non-residents and residents alike. Non-residents are limited to one bull with 50" antlers or antlers with 3 or more brow tines on at least one side. Game regulations change from year to year, so please refer to the Alaska Hunting Regulations for current rules and regulations, or feel free to contact us.