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Alaskan Game Hunting

Unguided Moose Hunting Float Trips:
For the outdoorsman who wants it all- King Salmon Guides offers an Unguided Moose Hunting Float Trip on the Alagnak River. This trip combines the best of both worlds: World class fishing and big game hunting. King Salmon Guides will put you in the best location on the river for hunting, and usually there will be plenty of trophy fish for the catching. (For more information on fishing and floating on the Alagnak, refer to the Wilderness Float Trips page). Unguided Moose Hunting Float Trips on the Alagnak River are in Game Unit 9B, and are available from September 5th through the 15th.

King Salmon Guides provides 16 foot rafts, which have a rowing frame, oars, patch kit and high speed inflation pump. They are durable, comfortable, and can accommodate a maximum of three people. Also included are Raft Frame, Seat, U-bolt, Web Strap, Frame Strap, Bailing Bucket, Anchor Rope, Patch Kit, Oars, Oar Blades, Oar Locks, Oar Guards, Allen Tool, Large Pump and Small Pump. There is an additional charge of $75 per day for raft rentals over 7 days. You will need to provide your own tent, camping and cooking equipment, etc.

Available Equipment Pricing



The following is a list of available rental equipment:

W/P Bags Lg. $4.00 per day Propane $9.00 per btl.
W/P Bags M $3.00 per day 4 P Cook Kits $5.00 per day
W/P Bags S $2.00 per day Lg Frying Pan $2.00 per day
Coolers 128 $4.00 per day 10 x10 Tarp $2.00 per day
Coolers 60 $2.00 per day Sitting Stools $2.00 per day
5 Gal Drink W $2.00 per container High Back Chair $3.00 per day
8 Man Tents $40.00 per day Bed Rolls $2.00 per day
6 Man Tents $35.00 per day Cots $5.00 per day
2 Burn Stove $3.00 per day Mosquito Coils $8.00 per pack
no return
Lantern $3.00 per day Mantles $5.00 per pack
no return

King Salmon Guides requires a cash damage deposit on all rental equipment. Raft deposit is $1,000.00. Tent deposit is $300.00. The deposit on all other equipment is 10% of replacement cost.

You must remove all food and meat from the raft while it is unoccupied. The raft should be cleaned of any animal blood or smell every night. The rafts are durable, but they can be destroyed by a Bear or other animals. You are responsible for any damage to equipment due to Bears. If you are a clean camper, the chances of a Bear damaging the equipment is minimal. Bear-proof containers can be rented from the King Salmon Visitor Center. If your raft is destroyed, you will be stranded, so take every precaution.